AeroPace™ System

A personal trainer for the diaphragm

AeroPace uses the body’s nervous system to send a message to activate the diaphragm muscle, the source of natural breathing. For patients unable to breathe on their own, the AeroPace therapy provides repetitive exercises to rebuild diaphragm muscle strength critical to healthy breathing.

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Multi-function AeroPace Catheter

The multi-function AeroPace catheter provides fluids and medications in addition to communicating with the body’s nervous system to activate the diaphragm. Similar in size and shape to a typical catheter, the AeroPace catheter delivers small energy stimulations to targeted nerves in the upper body to activate and exercise the diaphragm.

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AeroPace Controller

The patented AeroPace Controller guides the placement of the AeroPace Catheter to stimulate the phrenic nerve, simplifying the process of catheter placement for physicians. The Controller is used by trained clinicians to perform exercises that activate the diaphragm muscle. Some patients have described the sensation like a light flutter in the belly. By exercising and strengthening the diaphragm, AeroPace is designed to help patients wean off the ventilator faster and return to natural breathing.

Key features:

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