Lungpacer named a “2013 Emerging Rocket Life Science Company”

Lungpacer named a “2013 Emerging Rocket Life Science Company”.

Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles British Columbia technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the information technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of growth and investment milestones.

“Emerging Rockets” is a recognition program for British Columbia technology companies that are not yet in a high revenue growth stage but have great potential for investment and market breakthroughs in the coming year. An “Emerging Rocket” company is a company with great potential for market milestones but may be a few years away from maximum revenue growth. Previously called the “Ones to Watch” list, these companies have commercialized a product and are undergoing early stages of market adoption. Occasionally, this early market entry is so impressive that these early stage companies are acquired (FlickR is an example of a B.C. company recognized by this list in past and acquired shortly afterward). Frequently, “Emerging Rockets” become “Ready to Rocket” within one to two years.

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